3 Ways to Get Approved For A Title Loan Without High Fees

We’re all accustomed to high fees with financial products. It comes with the territory when you’re looking for an online personal loan, mortgage refinance or title loan. As an example you can expect a high interest rate with a payday loan. That’s a given when you’re dealing with a high interest loan that’s designed for consumers with bad credit. With a mortgage loan we’re going to see an APR that’s in the middle single digits. A finance rate around 4-5% doesn’t seem like much on paper. Especially when you compare it to a high interest mortgage cash out or refinance. But it’s going to add up over the long run when a borrower pays of a home loan over 20-30 years. Most online title loans will come with high fees as well. As is the case with a cash advance, there’s often going to be a high interest rate when a borrower uses their pink slip for collateral. Lenders don’t always do the traditional credit checks you see with normal bank financing and personal loans. Credit checks for good credit loans are common and you don’t see those with this form of financing. You can expect a high interest rate with a car title loan, but we know of a few ways you can avoid extreme charges.

Search for a title loan lender that’s willing to work with you on lowering the rate and improving the payoff terms. You may think this is easier said than done when dealing with bad credit lenders. But consider most title loan companies will look to get your business. Find a company that's flexibile when it comes to lending car title loan fees and contract terms. When you contact an online lender they’re going to qualify you and give a quote for their services. Most often a firm will say you can get a certain amount of money that’s payable over a few months or years. Don’t take these amounts and terms as the way it’s going to be! Much like you would with a mortgage company or personal loan lender it always pays to negotiate and try to for better terms. Here in the South we’re always going to see different financing amounts when you break it down on a state level. Online title loans in Florida will have different terms than what you see in Georgia or even Arkansas. Take that into consideration when you see a more favorable rate for an auto title loan in a neighboring state.

Borrow less money than what you need. Advice like this seems obvious, but we see examples where applicants take out a larger auto title loan than what they need. Just last week we saw a title loan application come across our desk from a person in Atlanta, Georgia. This borrower wanted to borrow $1,000 by using their vehicle’s title as collateral. One look at the online application and it was easy to see they would qualify for a much larger amount than what she first asked for. Don’t let your lender give you more money than what you need. It will look good upfront to have more cash in your pocket but you will end up paying back a lot more money over the life of the auto title loan. We recommend you fill out an application on our Southeast Title Loans Homepage. That way you can compare a few different funding options and make a final decision. We know there are many financing choices available to consumers in cities like Miami and Atlanta. Don’t spend hours online looking for a car title loan company when you don’t have to!

It’s probably best to decline the extra products and services that your lender may offer you. Most lenders in the Southeast are only allowed to provide certain products. But that’s not always the case when looking at the twelve states on their own. Some will attempt to add credit insurance to your vehicle equity loan. Others will add on services or products to the financing contract which you don’t need. We also know of some firms that try to sell borrowers on a credit card that’s designed for those with bad credit. The goal being to use the credit card to improve your credit score. Don’t get mixed up in these extra items. If you need a title loan then get one, but do whatever you can to get the best rates and terms with no added items.