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Same Day Title Loans
In Mississippi

  • Keep driving your vehicle
  • Borrow up to $25,000
  • Bad Credit is no problem
  • Fair terms & rates
  • Keep driving your vehicle
  • Borrow up to $25,000
  • Bad Credit is no problem
  • Fair terms & rates

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    Mississippi Title Loans - How They Work

    Most title loans are legal in Mississippi, but you must follow a few rules and regulations to apply for a title loan from a state licensed lender. These loans are ideal for anyone who can't get cash from a traditional lender, as there are minimal credit requirements, and you can often get funded in less than one business day.

    Some loan applications can be complicated, but the basic process is using your car as collateral to borrow a percentage of the vehicle's value. Your loan amount is based on your car's equity; some customers can borrow $3,000 or more with a low mileage car. After being notified that your loan is approved, you'll sign over the vehicle's pink slip to the lender. Once you’ve paid in full, you get your title back. If you fail to pay off the loan, the company has full authority to repossess your vehicle and sell it.


    Auto Title Loans in Mississippi - What To Know

    The Mississippi Title Pledge Act describes the requirements and laws regulating every title loan. According to the Mississippi Title Pledge Act, you must have records of all the information about the vehicle being used as collateral, including its year of manufacture and model. The VIN (vehicle identification number) and license plate number are also required. You must also have the transaction date and your personal information, including full name, date of birth, social security number, physical description, ID number, and issuer. You should also include the loan amount, maturity date, interest rate, and APR (annual percentage rate). Any fees, including management and administration, charged on top of the interest rate must also be disclosed.


    Title Loans With A Bad Credit Score In MS

    Are you dealing with A FICO score under 500, or have you recently defaulted on credit cards or other installment loans? If so, you know how hard it can be to qualify for an unsecured loan, as they typically require an excellent credit score. A title loan, however, does not depend on your credit history; most applicants have poor credit scores. Instead of using your car's title as equity for a loan, the main underwriting emphasis in Mississippi is your car's value. The more equity you have in your vehicle, the higher your loan amount. Some customers can borrow $10,000 or more with a vehicle valued at over $20,000. So, don't worry about your credit history when you apply with Southeast Title Loans. We likely won't even check your credit score, and if we do, it will only be for bankruptcies or other vehicle repossessions.


    Mississippi Title Lending Laws & Requirements For A Repossession

    The Mississippi state law caps the maximum interest rate at 110%. Lenders offering no inspection title loans and refinances use high rates to offset the fact that there often won't be a credit check. High rates are sometimes needed as some borrowers can't qualify for a typical loan because of poor credit or various loan defaults. It is illegal to extend the terms of a loan contract. This is not the case in every state, but it is the law in Mississippi. Some states allow extension of the loan terms but regulate the number and type allowed. Repossessions are allowed in Mississippi by licensed lenders based on court orders. The repo company must inform you in writing that your vehicle will be repossessed and sold, and they often have to wait 30 days to sell the car.

    Before applying for an online title loan, understand all the risks and consider other unsecured lending options that don't require your car as security. It may be tempting to offer your title as collateral for a loan, but the results can be devastating if you default. You may find yourself losing your car, your money, and your good credit.


    Apply For An Auto Title Loan In Mississippi

    If you feel this loan is right for you, please apply with Southeast Title Loans. We'll work to get your loan funded with a direct lender in Mississippi, and you can borrow well over $1,000 with just the equity from your vehicle. Please apply online or call us at 1-800-308-1905!


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