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Auto Title Loans
in South Carolina

  • Keep driving your vehicle
  • Borrow up to $20,000
  • Bad Credit is no problem
  • Fair terms & rates
  • Keep driving your vehicle
  • Borrow up to $25,000
  • Bad Credit is no problem
  • Fair terms & rates

Apply For Title Loans

In South Carolina

    Get Approved For A South Carolina Title Loan

    Do you need fast cash with a car title loan in South Carolina? Have you recently been denied a personal loan or bank loan because of bad credit? Whatever the reason you need to borrow money, we can assure you that options are available if you live in South Carolina and have a paid off car title.  Good cash flow is something each one of us needs, and it can be made a lot easier by tapping into the available vehicle equity from a car title.

    Here at Southeast Title Loans, we offer fast approval for title loans in SC, and most customers can qualify in less than an hour. Compared to unsecured loans that take days to get funded, a title loan can be approved and funded in less than one business day. That means you can complete the vehicle inspection and have the funds directly deposited in no time. All we need is your vehicle as collateral and proof of income.


    Auto Title Loan Requirements In South Carolina

    The requirements for your title loan in SC are simple to understand. We only require proof that you own a vehicle with collateral and some form of income verification from your bank or employer.

    You will have complete access to your car for the auto title loan. The cash you get depends on your car’s condition and resale value here in SC. The loan amount also depends on several other factors, such as how much you want to borrow and your credit score. While your credit score is not always necessary, we still want to see if you’re current on your bills and if there have been any past bankruptcies.

    Car Title loan regulations in South Carolina constantly change, meaning your loan amount and interest rates will vary based on state laws. Check the State’s Code of Laws that regulates short term loans before you sign up with a lender. Owing to any disability or accident, you may borrow more with an online title loan than you first expected. Most of us do it: we need the money.

    A secured loan can be underwritten entirely in less than an hour in South Carolina. You can start by applying online with Southeast Title Loans. We’ll then process your application, schedule a time to inspect the vehicle, and then you can sign the loan documents and get your funds!


    What happens if I miss a title loan payment

    Contact your lender if you face a situation where you may fall behind on payments or are nearing default on your loan. Regardless of your reasons, most companies in South Carolina will consider refinancing your loan or lowering the interest rate. Your vehicle can be repossessed because you have missed past payments, and that means your car can be sold at auction after a certain amount of time.

    Multiple factors could lead to missed payments on a title loan in South Carolina. You may be unable to inspect the vehicle in time, or the documentation from the DMV may be delayed. However, there will always be problems with processing the documents for underwriting by the due date. Many title loan companies are entirely unable to have an understanding attitude, and you may be better off with a low interest installment loan or registration loan. These inflexible laws are, however, not only strictly limited to the State of South Carolina.


    How Quick Can I Get Cash From A South Carolina Title Loan Company

    The best solution to getting fast cash is to see if you can be approved for a car title loan in South Carolina.  The Southeast Title Loans application portal allows you to submit your info and get quotes from local licensed companies in less than a few minutes. It offers you a variety of lending options when it comes to finding the best rates, terms, and conditions for getting a title loan on your vehicle. It offers quick service, activating your loan within one business day and allowing you to get cash from a licensed title loan company in South Carolina within one business day! A good credit score is not mandatory; customer service is available 24/7!

    Apply now with Southeast Title Loans, and you can borrow $4,000 or more in Charleston or Greenville with minimal emphasis on your credit history. We can take your application online, or you can contact us at 1-800-308-1905 anytime. It’s easy for anyone with a lien free car title to get funded in South Carolina, and we’ll work with you to get the best available lending terms and payment options.


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