West Virginia Regulations Covering Title Loans

Title Loans are not allowed in West Virginia. That is a well-known fact as many state residents know the local regulations regarding most short term lending products. We know some citizens of the state will cross State lines to get them. However, they should be careful enough in gaining possession of such loans and must pay attention while applying for them. You should always think about the high-interest rates and the risk of losing the car.

However, a title loan is a way to borrow money for a short-term period, secured by the title of the car as collateral. It is also referred to as car title loans. Such secured loans usually last for 30 days or less. The lender may seize the vehicle if the borrower defaults on the loan.

The current laws in 2021 that regulate title loans vary all throughout the Southeast. They’re different from one state to another or even a distinct town. Loans are legal unless prohibited by the State. State law solely regulated them with the fundamental conviction that according to federal law, it is legal only if the State allows it. Whereas, West Virginia does not allow car title lenders to work and operate within the State.


Several cons for permitting title loan companies to operate in the State

  • The interest on these loans is higher compared to any other loans. Sometimes, they exceed 100% annually and offer rates that are even higher than credit cards. You really need to make quick payments to avoid large interest charges.
  • Sometimes, Repossession is not the end of these loans. There is a likelihood of losing the vehicle if the amount which is the outcome of high-interest rates, is not paid. Therefore, with default, the vehicle can be seized and if the required amount is not generated, the difference is still to be paid off. However, this rarely happens.
  • They place a lien on the borrower until you repay the amount.


The available alternatives for Title Loans in West Virginia

  • Payday loans: The repayment is due within a month, which includes the amount plus interest. The key feature is that they do not ask for any collateral security. It can be applied in online and offline modes and involves same day funding.
  • Credit card cash advance: they can gain a cash advance through ATMs. It is potentially faster than a title loan and requires no collateral and comes up with lower APRs.
  • Short-term loans: It includes Payday and Installment loans. Installment loans are in greater amounts and permits to repay over a few months. An amount of $10,000 can be borrowed in case of Installment loans. It can be applied online and in person. Collateral security is not necessary.
  • CDFI loans: Community development financial institutions are non-profit organizations that provide financial help to under-served sections and communities. They are more affordable than title loans and improve their financial position and health. Small dollar loans are also available.
  • Payday Alternative loans: are offered by federal credit associations with a processing fee of up to $20 and can borrow money from a range of $200-$1000. Learn more about the different payday loan alternatives available by checking out our FAQ page that covers all sorts of lending related questions and answers.